Solitaire 247

Solitaire 247 is a fascinating world of solitaire game you can even imagine! It will give you a fantastic opportunity to play your favorite game anywhere. Solitaire is 100% free and plays instantly in your browser.


  • Here is the online game 247 Solitaire, you can play it for free right now.
  • The game can be played on the following platforms: Web Browser (PC), Android / iOS (Mobile).
Solitaire 247

Solitaire 247 is a fun way to spend time anywhere at any time. Play a game of solitaire to liven up your day, whether you’re at home on a leisurely day, taking a break at work, or sitting outside with your laptop in the sunshine.

With beautiful, easy-to-read cards, and a full-screen layout that makes it easy to play on any device, you’ll be playing solitaire all day, every day!

How to play solitaire 247?

Winning the game involves strategy, skill and a little luck! Firstly open Solitaire 247 website to play the game online.

Element of a Solitaire 247

  • Tableau: Distribute 28 cards into 7 heaps, starting with one card in the first pile (from left to right) and adding a card to each pile after that. The top card is the only one not face down.
  • Stock pile: 24 cards that weren’t dealt to the initial tableau are in the stock pile.
  • Next to the stock pile is a waste pile. One to three cards will be dealt from the stock to the garbage each time you click on the stock.
  • Foundation: the top four heaps, with one suit from ace to king being added to each pile.

Object of the Game

To move every card to the Foundation piles is the goalof the game. Hearts, clubs, and other suits are represented by each pile. Starting with the Ace, moving through the 2, 3, and 4 in numerical order, culminating with the Queen and King, they must be stacked according to suit.


Except for the first card, arrange the remaining cards in a row face down. The next step is to place the eighth card face up on the second card in the row, followed by face-down cards to finish the row. A face-up card should be placed on the third pile to complete the row. Continue until every pile has a face-up card.

This game has few aces. Before playing, square the stacks. Make careful to place the Aces in the Foundation piles above the Tableau.

First, thoroughly review the Tableau. You should transfer any cards you can to the Foundations. Aces come first, followed by any cards you may build upon. For this building, only face-up cards that are exposed from the pile are available. Then, as they become available, cards of the appropriate suit are played on the aces in order, starting with the two, moving on to the three, and so forth.

Next, construct downward using alternating colors. You must turn the face-down card directly beneath a face-up card face-up each time you move a face-up card. You have a space when there are no more face-down cards in a pile. Any King who is on hand can fill the gaps.

When you’ve completed all of your movements, start going through the stock pile one card at a time or three cards at a time, seeking for additional cards to add to the Tableau’s base. If you are unable to use the card, it is placed face up on a waste pile, where the top card is then put into play.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up the solitaire 247 game?

Shuffle the deck of cards before dealing 28 cards into seven piles to begin Solitaire 247. To make the stockpile and make room for four foundation piles, place the remaining cards face down.

How do I draw cards from the stockpile?

To draw three cards, click the pile. Use them to further your moves by turning them over so the face up. The stockpile can only be accessed once.

Can I move cards between foundation piles?

No, a card cannot be moved once it is placed in a foundation pile. The foundation piles are constructed in ascending order from Ace to King, suit after suit.

Is Solitaire 247 a game of luck or skill?

In Solitaire 247, both skill and chance are involved. Your odds of winning can be considerably impacted by the sequence in which the cards are placed in the stockpile, but card movement strategy also matters.


Solitaire 247 game aims to complete the four foundations at the top, all of the cards must be placed there. Each foundation slot must contain cards that have the same suit and are arranged from Ace to King. To accomplish this, arrange the cards on the tableau from King to Ace in ascending order.

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